Families that play together, stay together. Start planning now. We will help.

A Reunion is a gathering of people after separation. Use this site to help plan and share information.

  1. Create a Reunion. The Reunion is a group that allows you to organize and inform people. Give it a date and address. It can be changed later, but pick something to give it a start.
  2. Invite Family. Add members to your new Reunion group. Add the e-mail addresses of everyone you want to include.
  3. Schedule Events for the family during the gathering. Each gathering can have several events. Think of fun entertaining and engaging activities.
  4. Optionally add Lodging information. This can help visiting family members locate lodging, or share information about any pre-arranged group rates.
  5. Add Attractions information. Let visiting family members know about activities that may be available outside of the reunion.
  6. Add Photos.
  7. Post status updates and share messages.

We will try to inspire you to make the best of your time. Here are just a few event ideas to spark your imagination.

  • Field Day / Sports Day
  • Jam Session / Sing Along
  • Theme Park Trip
  • Picnic or Barbecue
  • Beach Day